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 The Housewolf Chronicles was born out of the 2020 Quarantine. During the days of staying in and missing our friends and regular routine, I decided to share our boys daily antics on Facebook tagging our breeder/friend. Most of them occur in the early morning hours during window time. I had no idea that anyone would find them funny or even be interested. Fast forward to almost a year later daily people tell me how much they look forward to catching a new Housewolf Chronicle post. 

I've always wanted to write a children's book and now I know exactly what to write about! I hope you will follow along. 


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I partnered up with the Incredibly talented Jessica Aranda to bring each story to life through her illustrations. Jessie specializes in taking what is in your mind and placing it in your hand and heart. Trust me when I say that she exceeded my hopes and expectations!

Check out more of her work on Instagram @iamjessieara

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