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Working for a non-profit often means continually seeking ways to find support in the form of volunteers and funds. Both are needed in order for us to accomplish our mission and both can be challenging to come by. Raising funds is never an easy task. It requires creativity, long hours, recruiting sufficient help, asking, asking and asking again. No matter how amazing the organization is or how worthy the cause is, there will be set backs. Honestly, it helps to have the resilience of a Weeble. You see, Weebles may tip and wobble sometimes even get knocked down. But Weebles always bounce back. I'm pretty sure I might be part Weeble.

Recently I presented what even I thought might be a crazy idea to my boss and a few good friends. What if we held a giving day event separate from the national day of giving? A day where we would not be competing with literally thousands of other non-profits. I contacted my friend Chris Strub aka "The Giving Day Guy" and we starting brainstorming about what such an event would look like.

Thankfully, my boss trusts my judgement and gave his blessing to not only move forward with the plan but to bring on Chris as our Giving Day Consultant. Chris's super power is helping others and shining a light on them for all to see. We are blessed that Chris will be joining us for #GIVEHOPEDAY on November 15th. I challenged him

with the task of helping us raise $100,000.00 for Liberty Family Outreach. I have no doubts that he will give his all to help make that happen!

I learned this truth early on in my non-profit journey, "You have not because you ask not". If we want doors opened up to us, we have to knock first and sometimes very loudly. That is exactly what I am doing right now, I'm just knocking by using social media.

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