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Bringing A Dream To Life

Have you ever had a dream that was a outside of the norm? Did you share that dream with anyone or take any steps toward bringing that dream to life? Until this year, I had a dream that seemed a little crazy even to me. I didn't tell anyone about it, not even my husband until recently.

By now, if you are still reading this, you are probably sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what this big, crazy dream is. So here it is. I am writing a children's book. Actually it will be more of a series. I'll wait while you catch your breath from laughing. I actually have laughed a few times myself. The more I laugh at the ridiculousness of it, the more confident I am that I will successfully bring this dream to life and put it in the hands of children of all ages.

Having a dream to write a children's book in one thing. Deciding on what to write about is a whole other challenge! I have several ideas ranging from ballet, the perfect cookie or serving others. None of them seem to feel right just yet. It took a pandemic for me to realize the subject for my book was right in front of me.

During the "Rona Year", I found myself at home like most people without a lot of entertainment options. Each morning as I sat in the window with one or both of our dogs, I began to see my dream come to life little by little. If you know me personally then you know what characters our boys can be! For those that don't know me all that well, we have two Australian Cattle Dogs who I like to refer to as Cow Dogs or Housewolves. These silly boys are like our children. Especially since we are empty nesters. It took exactly one week of "window time" to realize that these silly boys were literally breathing life into my dream right before my eyes.

I started narrating our morning window time and sharing it on Facebook. It wasn't long before people started asking for more. These silly boys have kept my husband and I entertained for years. It's so much fun sharing their antics with the world.

I'm excited to announce that "The Housewolf Chronicles" is officially in progress!!! I have no idea how long it may take or how the publishing process will work. I've only taken the very first steps to beginning this process. But hey, even the Bible says do not despise in small beginnings. I promise to update along this journey.

I've partnered up with the incredibly talented Jessica Aranda to bring each story to life through her illustrations. She has already done an incredible job bringing the boys to life in illustrated form. If you get a chance, please check out the rest of Jessie's work on her Instagram account @iamjessieara. When you do, be sure to give her some love and tell her I sent you.


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